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Join the JMI Jazz Platform in Groznjan!

JM International invites young talented jazz musicians between the ages of 18-26 and JAZZ industry professionals to apply for the JM Jazz Training in the framework of the JM Jazz World program!

The JM Jazz World program caters for the promotion of international training camps, international projects, jazz ensemble tours and international exchanges of jazz musicians between the JMI countries. Its main objective is to provide young jazz musicians with the possibility to gain experience working to high professional standards in major concert halls, theatres and festivals, and with outstanding jazz musicians, sharing musical ideas in the field of jazz music. This JM Jazz World project is organized and coordinated by Jeunesses Musicales Croatia.

All the participants will have the opportunity to train, learn, discuss and make music with a team of mentors/professionals from all over the world. On top of maintaining the highest standards of learning and training, the program offers an invaluable intercultural learning experience.


The 2022 session will take place in July in the mystical Istrian village of Groznjan, Croatia. Groznjan offers the perfect setting to learn, rehearse, hang and soak up the musical history that lives in the stone in the village. More info about when the session will be held will be released in early 2022. You have the option of being part of the JM JAZZ Platform, the JM JAZZ World Orchestra... or also joining the Croatia JAZZ Drum Camp 2022 ... It will be an exciting month of July 2022!


D1 - JUL 18 - Arrivals and registrations - Session 1: Welcome session

D2 - JUL 19 - Session 2: “Jazz playing, Jazz in management” by L. Bonilla - Session 3: “Introduction to JM International Network” by B. Smilevski - Session 4 (for musicians and managers): “How does the JAZZ industry work?” by D. Dujmovic Kushan - Session 5 (for musicians and managers): “Self-management of ensembles” by B. Smilevski - Open Air Jam Session

D3 - JUL 20 - Session 6 (for musicians and managers): “Marketing and communications” by M. Clark - Session 7 (for musicians and managers): “Building up a JAZZ big band” by D. Dujmovic Kushan - Free time and excursion to Umag - Open Air Jam Session

D4 - JUL 21 - Session 8 (for musicians and managers): “Inclusion and Equality” by L. Lovrencic - Session 9 (for musicians and managers): “Round table discussion” - Session 10: “Evaluation session” - Open Air Jam Session

D5 - JUL 22 - Departures


Applicants should apply online via the following form by no later than March 31 24:00 CET. Candidates should be prepared to provide the following info:

  • Your full CV (it must contain information about your background, education, experience in the jazz field, if musician - faculty of music, academy and school of music, and experience acquired as a jazz musician).

  • A written recommendation from a music teacher or legal representative of a local organization, university, faculty, school, or company.

  • A signed statement from either your parents, yourself, university, school or a JMI National Member or Associate Section, or another organization or company, stating that your travel costs to and from the venue will be covered.

  • A copy of your passport

  • If musician, 2-3 short 5-10 minute recordings demonstrating your solo and band participation qualities.


The applying musicians for the JM JAZZ World Orchestra will be auditioned by a professional international jury and it will select the best candidates. The candidates who make it through the first selection may be asked to present additional material. The jury will select up to 25 musicians. All candidates will be notified about the results by the end of April. Selected musicians are encouraged to insure their own instrument(s), travel and health.

Workshop participants for the JM Jazz Platform are selected by JM International based on their applications, experience and motivation for participation.


  • During your stay, all accommodation and material needs are provided by JM International. Transportation to and from Groznjan must be covered by the participant or sponsored by your national JM member organization ( or other local organizations or schools.

  • Participants must take care of their own visas and all other official requirements, as well as ensure they have sufficient pocket money for their private expenses.

  • Participants are encouraged to insure their travel, health and/or instrument(s).

  • If invitation letters are required please contact JM International ( once selected.

  • You must have a good comprehension of English as all workshops will be in English. Spanish is welcome too


+385 981 696 98 92 /+32 2 513 97 74


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