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The JM Jazz World Orchestra (JMJWO) is Jeunesses Musicales International’s premier international jazz ensemble, bringing together the world's best young jazz talents each year under the artistic leadership of the planet's coolest cats for a one-of-a-kind tour to knock your socks off!


Officially formed in 2012, the orchestra brings together annually, 20 of the world’s top young professional jazz musicians to form an amazing big bang with an internationally diverse repertoire.​ Aiming at the highest artistic level, young musicians from all around the world are selected through an open global audition by a professional jury.


The JMJWO works with a different internationally renowned artistic director each year, guiding the orchestra and shaping it with their own unique approach. Previous artistic directors include Sigi Feigel/Austria (2012), Frank Vaganée/Belgium (2013), Erlend Skomsvoll/Norway (2014) and Luis Bonilla/USA (2015).


Each JMJWO session begins with an intense week of rehearsal and workshops where band members get to know one another and the artistic director through a process of artistic and personal discovery. After fusing creativity and cultures the orchestra sets off on a tour to perform at some of the best gigs there are.


With an artistic scope that is in itself a major achievement, the JM Jazz Orchestra also represents a unique experience in terms of personal relationship building, intercultural learning and exchange.











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