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The orchestra brought together some of the world’s top young professional jazz musicians from over 9 different nationalities to form an amazing big band with an internationally diverse repertoire.

Giovanni Cigui (Alto Sax / Italy)

Marjan Van Rompay (Alto Sax / Belgium)

Nico Lengauer (Tenor Sax/Germany)
Elias Frigard (Tenor Sax / Sweden)
Darko Sedak Bencic (Trumpet / Croatia)
Gerhard Ornig (Trumpet / Austria)
Adrian Volant (Trumpet / Belgium)
Valdemar Kušan (Trumpet / Croatia)
Quinten De Craecker (Trombone / Belgium)
Luka Zuzic (Trombone / Croatia)
Jan Landowski (Trombone / Germany)
Marx Than Ha (Bass Trombone / USA)
Bram De Looze (Piano / Belgium)
Norbert Farkas (Bass / Hungary)
Peter Lenz (Drums / Austria)


​Meet our conductor Sigi

​In 2012 the JMJW orchestra was under the artistic leadership of the renowned Austrian  conductor Sigi Feigl. A teacher at the jazz department  of the Graz Academy of Music, Sigi is the artistic director of the HGM Jazz Orchestra as well as other big band projects and is an established musician & producer.


Meet the international coaches

During the courses and rehearsals the musicians will have the opportunity to meet and work with some outstanding musicians and teachers like Luis Bonilla (trombone / USA), Lasse Lindgren (trumpet / Sweden) and Karlheinz Miklin (saxophone / Austria).


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