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Our History

Formed in 2012 by JM International, the JM Jazz World Orchestra represents an outstanding achievement in terms of both musicianship and intercultural learning and exchange.



Croatia | conducted by Sigi Feigl

The first JMJWO took place in 2012 and gathered young musicians of 9 nationalities at JMI's World Meeting Center in Groznjan hosted by JM Croatia. Under the direction of Sigi Feigl, they played at the Jazz Is Back Festival and went on tour in Slovenia and Germany.



Belgium | conducted by Frank Vaganee


The second JMJWO took place in 2013 and brought together young musicians from 3 continents in Brussels and Rossignol, Belgium. Under the direction of Frank Vaganee, they performed at the Gaume Jazz Festival and went on tour in Belgium and Germany.



Norway | conducted by Erlend Skomsvoll

The third JMJWO took place in 2014 and brought together the world's finest young jazz musicians in Norway. Under the direction of Erlend Skomsvoll, concerts included a performance at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival.





Croatia | conducted by Luis Bonilla


During the fourth edition of the JMJWO, 19 phenomenal musicians representing 16 countries across 4 continents were brought together in Groznjan, Croatia. With the support of Luis Bonilla as artistic director they performed in some of the most famous Jazz festivals in Europe including the North Sea Jazz Festival.





Germany | conducted by Luis Bonilla


2016 saw the JM Jazz World Orchestra perform in Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia, following rehearsals in Weikersheim, Germany. Highlights included slots at the Montreux Jazz Festival well as the Kranj Summer Festival and the 'Zagreb Classic' ZGKUL festival.







Croatia | conducted by Luis Bonilla


The 2017 JMJWO demonstrated considerable versatility with a high-energy programme and working alongside various internationally recognised jazz artists: Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Hector Martignon, John Riley, Andy McKee and Karlheinz Miklin.


The orchestra toured Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Read more here







Macedonia | conducted by Luis Bonilla


The 2018 JMJWO's session was based in Ohrid, Macedonia, followed by a tour of the Balkans that rocked Bulgaria, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.





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